Helping Councils To Digitise Their Archives

TownsWeb Archiving have helped a number of cemeteries and crematoriums to digitise their archives.  In 2007, staff at TownsWeb Archiving helped Dalton Parish Council to place all their burial records online to allow the public to perform genealogy searches.

Members of the public can now use the website to search accross all the cemetery records and also click on links to see any inscriptions, pictures of the headstones and maps showing the location of the grave in the cemetery.

When one council had a concern about the safety of their cemetery records, TownsWeb Archiving collected all of the registers and maps and spent two weeks digitising them at their offices in Kettering.  During the time that the records were with them, TownsWeb Archiving were happy to perform any record searches upon request from the council staff.

The books at another town council contain hand-written records that date back over 100 years.  With genealogy a growing hobby in the UK, these books were being looked at more and more and the Council were worried that they might be damaged.  TownsWeb Archiving scanned all the books and put them on to a CD-ROM so that the council staff can access and print any page without the need to physically get the books out of their safe and secure environment.

TownsWeb Archiving have a number of digitisation solutions for councils and corporate businesses who have old archives that require protecting.  Scanning can be done on-site if required ensuring that delicate items are handled with due care.  Contact them today on 01536 480015 to discuss your requirements or go online for a free quote.