Making Burial Records Fully Searchable

TownsWeb Archiving visited a Council in a very picturesque location in the South of England.

The council have a set of old, handwritten burial registers that are searched upon and updated very regularly.  There are no duplicate copies of the registers and so they are extremely valuable.

TownsWeb Archiving scanned the burial registers on site at the Council's offices - thereby ensuring that the registers were still available to be accessed.

The scanned images were produced in tiff and jpeg formats.

Using the scanned images, every burial record was then transcribed.  The fields transcribed were forename, surname, year of burial and place where death occurred.  The images and the transcribed records were then imported in to TownsWeb's virtual book viewing software before being delivered back to the council on an external USB hard drive.

The virtual book viewing software enables the council to open a register on screen and flick through the pages.  Pages can be printed, faxed and emailed directly from the software.  Furthermore, individual records can be copied and pasted from the pages in to an external application such as Microsoft Word or Outlook - which helps when providing genealogy information.

The virtual book viewing software also enables records to be fully searched.  For example staff can now type 'Sm*' and '195*' to show all of the pages within the registers which contain a record where the surname begins with 'Sm' and the deceased was interred in the 1950's.

Kingston and Wootton Bassett Websites

TownsWeb Archiving are now discussing with the council the option to put their records online in a similar fashion to Wootton Bassett and Kingston Councils:



If you have a similar requirement then please feel free to get in touch with TownsWeb Archiving Ltd: