Prevent Your Archives Being Lost Forever

So what exactly has happened to the Summer?

The long Sunny days in May and June seem like a far distant memory!

Heavy rain this week brought localised flooding - mainly to Southern England.  Up to 4cm (1.5in) of rain - more than half the normal monthly total came pouring down.  Forecasters are warning of further heavy rainfall to come!

It reminds me of the flooding that many areas in the far North of England suffered around 5 years ago. We were working on one particular digitisation project at the time where we were asked to scan a large collection of early 19th Century books.

We collected these books from a store room belonging to the customer.  The following day we received a call from the customer to say that the very store room that had housed these old, precious books was now flooded!

It was a pure fluke that we had collected the books just the previous day... but it just goes to show that these books that had been in existence for over 150 years are vulnerable to even the most unlikeliest of events.

I know that many of our customers store their items within very secure and purpose built environments with little or no risk of such a disaster.  But for those that don't - this might be a timely reminder to think a little more about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning.

This month we are exhibiting at two conferences and we hope that you can find the time to visit us to discuss any projects that you are considering... we're also happy to discuss planning for Disasters too!