New ‘Business Continuity Service’ for Local Authorities

In 2004 the Civil Contingencies Act was introduced to ensure that there is a statutory duty within UK local authorities to hold business continuity plans for all of the functions that they provide.

In some cases this has meant that records have been placed within ‘fireproof’ cabinets. But most ‘fireproof’ cabinets are actually just ‘fire resistant’ for a period of up to 30 minutes. And, of course, they may not be ‘theft resistant’ or ‘flood resistant’.

The average cost of a good quality fire resistant cabinet is £2,000. If multiple cabinets are needed then very quickly the cost can be close to £10,000.

So is there a better solution? A solution that offers protection against localised fire, flood, theft and vandalism? A more cost effective solution?

DocView delivers new solution to Business Continuity

Have your registers and plans been scanned?

  • NO: TownsWeb Archiving offer a service where our expert team will come onsite to your premises to digitise your registers and maps. Scanning each and every page within all of your registers and digitising your plans preserves the originals, and the cost is cheaper than you think.
  • YES: If your registers and plans have been scanned already then read on...

TownsWeb Archiving will import all of your scanned registers and plans in to our ‘DocView’ system.  DocView is password protected and accessed via the Internet which means:

  • If there is a fire, flood or theft within your premises your records are protected;
  • If there is a problem gaining access to your premises you can still access your records.

DocView offers Anytime, Anywhere access...

Regardless of whether or not there is a disaster, hosting your records via DocView has other benefits too...

  • Your staff can view your registers and plans at any time (day or night) and from any location (remote offices, their homes etc.)
  • Optimised for access via internet enabled devices, your staff can view the records via smartphones such as Blackberry’s and iPhone’s.  The registers and plans look even better when viewed on the latest iPad and Netbook machines.

DocView provides Innovative access...

DocView contains ‘virtual technology’ which means your staff can:

  • Flick forwards and backwards between pages as though they are actually holding the register in their hands;
  • Download and save JPEG copies of a page to their local machine – perfect for printing or emailing as an attachment;
  • Copy and Paste individual parts of a page or plan in to local applications such as Microsoft Word or Outlook – great for ‘hiding’ sensitive information and only sending information that you want to send;
  • Perform ‘name and date searches’ across all of your registers – displaying any pages that contain records that match your search criteria.  (note: your records must have been transcribed).

Public Access & Generating Revenue...

Your local authority can allow the public (or your suppliers) to access the registers & plans via DocView.  TownsWeb Archiving can:

  • Integrate the ‘virtual technology’ found within DocView directly in to your council website
  • Implement different levels of access – meaning your staff can access all records whilst third parties only access ‘non sensitive’ records
  • Include options to generate revenue – charge the public (or your suppliers) to access the records

DocView - Demonstration & Costs

Complete your details below and TownsWeb Archiving will email a link to a demonstration version of DocView and also a schedule of costs.

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