Wigan Archives: add more online photos for purchase...

An additional set of more than 200 aerial photographs have now been added to the Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust (WLCT) online photographic library.

This fascinating set of old aerial images were found within the archives of the Councils Planning Department.

They show striking redevelopment images of the town centre and the outskirts of Wigan in the years just after the Second World War.

Members of the public can now view these images FREE of charge and have the option to purchase prints via the WLCT website.

Aerial photograph of Newtown, Wigan, 1948
Aerial photograph of Newtown, Wigan, 1948

WLCT’s Alex Miller said “The images were all donated to us by Wigan Council and came from their planning department. They form a small collection in their own right, we think relating to large scale planning for redevelopment and slum clearances in the years after the Second World War.  As these came to us through planning they were a good collection to put online to raise awareness within the council departments about archival preservation more generally, especially at a time of change within the Council when records can easily be lost; added to which, aerial photographs are always popular with the public."

"We took advice from various staff members and volunteers about locating the images within the borough, and they were publicised in the Council Magazine."

TownsWeb Archiving Ltd digitised and placed online the first 5,000 images from WLCT’s photographic archive and now run their website.  TownsWeb also handle the orders for prints via the site, printing and despatching photographs directly to the customer on behalf of WLCT.  More information about this project can be found on the Clients pages of the TownsWeb Archiving website.