'Regimental Matters' - TownsWeb feature in Arc Magazine

One  of our recent projects is featured in this months Arc Magazine.
It’s a project that we undertook for The Royal Leicestershire Regiment where we:

  1. TWA exported the existing Regimental data from an existing Council system based around Modes and Multimimsy.  TWA then worked with the Trustees in order to ‘cleanse’ the data and import  it into a new database.
  2. TWA imported the new database in to the TWA ArcView System.
  3. The TWA ArcView System has been expanded to allow Regimental staff and volunteers to log in to the system (via any location that has an Internet connection) in order to maintain their database of 65,000 soldier records (Have You A Tiger In Your Family) and their database of medals and awards.
  4. A list of Citations and associated images were imported in to the TWA ArcView System.
  5. TWA scanned all back copies of the ‘Green Tiger’ which is the Regimental journal.  Dating back to 1904, it recorded news and events about the Regiment for more than 60 years and then about the Regimental Old Comrades’ Association for nearly 50 years.
  6. TWA designed a new website for the Regiment and incorporate the soldier records, medal database, citations and the Green Tiger journals.  Members of the public would be able to search for family names and ranks in the soldier and medal records.  Members of the public and researchers would also be able to flick through past and present copies of the Regimental journal.
  7. The new website also includes Regimental history, information about the museum and also news and events.
  8. The TWA ArcView System was developed in such a way that Trustees and volunteers were not only able to maintain the soldier and medal databases but were also able to update other information on the website – such as latest news and events (without any knowledge of website development).
  9. The website incorporates a remembrance feature called ‘Remember a Tiger Today’.  Each day the website displays details of a soldier who died on that particular day in history.
  10. The museum is still be a focal point of contact for those interested in the Regiment and so TWA made all of this content available via a PC within the Museum.

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