VIDEO: "The Full English" - Digitising the English Folk Dance & Song Society archives

In our latest video interview Malcolm Taylor OBE, former Library Director of the English Folk Dance & Song Society (EFDSS), talks about “The Full English” digital preservation project.

The HLF-funded project aimed to create the largest digital archive of English song, dance and folklore in the world, and TWA was selected to partner on the project and helped make that vision a reality by digitising many of the unique collections that form the archive.

Just click play above to hear about The Full English in Malcolm’s own words, and read on below to for more detail about the digitisation part of the project.

Digitising “The Full English” archive

Our team digitised a variety of fragile archival materials from over six different collections as part of The Full English project. These included field note books and manuscripts from the Cecil Sharp collection, scrapbooks of handwritten music and lyrics from the Ella Leather collection, and more.

The items were digitised at our studios using our unique scanning equipment to produce high resolution master TIFF format images for long term preservation, in addition to lower resolution surrogate jpegs to be displayed online via The Full English digital archive website.

As part of the digitisation, our technicians named the digital files to reflect the collections and volumes of which they were a part.

Publishing the digital archive online

The digitised EFDSS collections can now be viewed online as part of The Full English digital archive here.

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