VIDEO: Digitising Sandhursts precious archives with Dr Anthony Morton

Below you can hear Dr Anthony Morton, Curator of the prestigious Sandhurst Collection at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, explaining how our archive digitisation and web design services have helped the Academy publish its most important collections online.

Background to the Sandhurst digitisation projects

After initially digitising Sandhurst’s cadet registers and end of term report collection, TownsWeb was asked by the Academy to create a brand new archive website to showcase the digitised collections and make them fully searchable online.

As Anthony Morton notes in the video above, TownsWeb’s development team not only built a site befitting such a prestigious British institution and which allowed easy access to the digitised content, but also added a revenue generation element. This allowed visitors to the Sandhurst Collections website to pay to download a high resolution jpeg image of any record that they choose, in exchange for a small fee.

Further to this, in 2013 TownsWeb digitised Sandhurst’s RMC magazine and Wish Stream Journal collections and developed a brand new subscription-based revenue generation model for the site.

Today TownsWeb continues to be Sandhurst’s preferred partner for digitisation and transcription services and continues to manage the Sandhurst Collections website.

Find out more…

Read a short case study our initial digitisation project with Sandhurst here or if you have any queries about our digitisation, web design or software services contact our team.

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