Introducing PageExplorer from PastView


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Following the recent launch of PastView’s BookExplorer 3D page turning feature we are delighted to announce PageExplorer: a digital archive viewer with all the same intuitive features and engaging experience, but designed specifically for displaying single image/page archival content.

Engaging viewer for digital Map, Artwork and Photographic collections

PageExplorer is perfect for displaying digitised artworks, posters, photographs, maps, newspaper pages and manuscript collections online. It provides a compelling interface for users to engage with the image or record in a natural, easy-to-use way.

PageExplorer at a glance

  • Cutting edge viewer for digital image collections
  • Displays beautifully across devices – PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Display full screen or integrated on web-page
  • Intuitive Zoom tool for detail viewing
  • Rotate function for viewing landscape drawings/diagrams
  • Integrated OCR text search & on-page highlighting
  • Supports pop up display of metadata
  • Runs seamlessly on all modern internet browsers (Chrome/Edge/Explorer/Firefox)


Image above: PastView PageExplorer interface with Help tips enabled. Click image to enlarge.

Deep Zoom and Pan for viewing fine detail

The PageExplorer interface allows effortless deep zooming to incredibly fine detail simply by hovering the cursor over an area and using a mouse scroll wheel, double click, or pinch-and-zoom on smart phones and tablets. Panning across images is also easy and intuitive – using just a click and drag with a mouse or touch and drag on touchscreen devices.

PastView_Page_Explorer_wide PastView_Page_Explorer_Deep-zoom

Image above left: PageExplorer displaying blueprint in wide view. Above right: Blueprint lower left quadrant expanded using Page Explorer’s deep zoom.

Metadata Search and OCR text highlighting

As with BookExplorer, where written content of an image or record has been captured via optical character recognition (OCR) as textual metadata, this metadata can be instantly searched using PageExplorer’s integrated search bar.

All identified instances of the search terms on the page or image are then highlighted and the total number of instances found is displayed by the search bar. The option is also provided to allow the user to view the OCR metadata for the image/record as plain text; ideal for researchers who may wish to copy and paste the text content for their own purposes.


Image above: OCR text search and on-page results highlighting using a newspaper record in PastView PageExplorer. Click image to enlarge.

Watermarking to protect copyright

As with all PastView display features, PageExplorer offers integrated watermarking to protect the copyright of images displayed online. This is completely customisable by the administrator of an institutions PastView system, allowing you to control the text or image used for the watermark, its size, placement and opacity.

Available now to all institutions using PastView

The PageExplorer feature is available as standard for all new institutions being set up with PastView, as well as to all existing institutions using PastView, with absolutely no additional costs or strings attached.

Try out PageExplorer for yourself

Discover it for yourself and browse through our specially created PageExplorer demonstration collections.