Virtual Reality Tour Service – Immersive 3D exploration of your heritage spaces containing digitised items



Welcome to TownsWeb Archiving’s very new and exciting service – the creation of 3D Virtual Reality Tours that sit neatly within your website and link to digitised items. This is a revolutionary experience tailored and perfectly suited to the Cultural Heritage sector.

Because, sometimes, beauty is on the outside

Much of our valuable and precious history is kept in some of the most stunning buildings, libraries, studies and research rooms that the country has to offer. Architecture that stems from our rich past supports the very roofs that keep our most treasured artefacts safe and secure. The decoration and furnishings are often preserved and in keeping with the periods in which they were created and all are testament to our fascinating, innovative and stylish journey through history.

Imagine being able to digitise your wonderful internal spaces, even those that have until now been off-limits to all but a select few. Imagine opening them to the public. Imagine being able to digitise items - pictures, statues, books - and capture the metadata so that visitors can explore the environment around them and discover who and what they are looking at. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because TownsWeb Archiving is doing just that! This is today’s reality.

So what is the VR Tour?

You will have heard of and probably experienced Virtual Reality tours before, but you won’t have experienced one quite like this. We are proud to be at the forefront and lead as the first company in the world to offer a complete end-to-end service: analogue to digital, digital to virtual and virtual to fully connected. This is where we really put the revolution into revolutionary, through our intelligent tagging system.

The power of Tagging

Our VR tour can tag your newly captured images and archives so that they link to people, items and collections across your existing digital archives and libraries. If you have previously digitised material and published them through TWA’s PastView system, the tagged items in your VR tour can now be connected. You have the power to offer your visitors a fuller picture and search result than they’ve ever experienced before. This is a colourful, interactive, sensory journey through time.

What do you need to do?

If you like the idea of incorporating a VR tour into your website then all you have to do is make an appointment and our 3D scanning technicians here at TownsWeb Archiving will do the rest! They will visit your museum, gallery, exhibition rooms and office spaces – or anywhere you would like to share and create greater accessibility – and use the latest in laser and 3D technology to capture the environment in ultra-high definition. From ceilings to floors, and everything in between, we can give your visitors the next best thing to physically being there. Metadata, such as names, dates, bios and descriptions can be transcribed and, if you wish to connect to previously digitised records, we can set up the intelligent tagging system for this too.

The VR tour in action!

As a new and fast developing area, there is so much that the Virtual Reality Tour can offer you and your visitors. If you can imagine it, it’s likely that we can explore it, creating a bespoke tour that suits all your digital archive needs. But don’t just to take our word for it, see and experience a VR tour for yourself:

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Client case study

We are in the process of writing a fantastic case study that provides a magnificent example of how a Virtual Tour can be integrated into your website via PastView, and then linked to your digitised items. It is coming very soon so please keep visiting our blog!



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