TWA Digitisation Grant 2024 Opening Soon!


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Get the opening date of 17th June 2024 in your diary!

After waiting very patiently, we can finally share the great news! The TWA Digitisation Grant will be opening for its seventh year! 

To date the TWA Digitisation Grant has supported over 120 heritage organisations, pledging a phenomenal £150,000 of financial support for heritage projects, extensively safeguarding whole collections of culturally significant archive material. Through a series of main grants, and evolving match funding opportunities, it has been an absolute privilege to protect the UK's most precious collections against damage and loss. But, more than this, all have managed to achieve greater freedom and flexibility in their digital capacity than they ever would have in their delicate, and somewhat restricted, physical format. 

Here's what you can expect if you are applying for this year's grant:


Our overhauled Match Funding provision continues to be a big hit, so the pot has returned once again for 2024! For every eligible application received TWA will add £500 to the pot. Claims of up to £1,000 can be made against this, but you will have to be quick. There are just six weeks to make an application from the date the grant winners are announced! 

Things to do!

The clock is ticking, be sure to share the great news!

With best wishes from TownsWeb Archiving

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