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Lincoln Record Society partner with PastView for digital access & discovery

Written by Jess Sturman-Coombs
February 16, 2023 at 8:33 AM



Lincoln Record Society provide access to records dating back to 1072 AD 

Lincoln Record Society was founded in 1910 with the primary objective of printing records and documents pertaining to the ancient diocese of Lincoln, which stretched from the Humber to the Thames. The society has seen a total of one hundred and fourteen volumes published during its time, benefiting the society’s worldwide individual and institutional members who, amongst them, consist of leading university and national libraries. Their material is of specific appeal to amateur and professional scholars and research students alike.  

We are, of course, absolutely thrilled that the PastView publishing platform offered Lincoln Record Society exactly what they were looking for as they boldly made the move to digital, monumentally opening up their archive and broadening the scope for access and discovery. We are very proud that PastView has been able to support Lincoln Records Society in their objectives to:

  • Increase sign-ups and membership 
  • Define content for multi-level access, creating opportunities for:
    • Public searching
    • Public subscription 
    • Members subscription

Many of the volumes are out of print and so only available through specialist libraries. This has typically resulted in researchers having to travel in order to reach them, relying on the indices that may not even contain the terms they are searching for. A very time consuming process. With PastView, Lincoln Records could look to provide a new service to their members, encouraging non-members to join the society.

The archive consists of a wide range of fascinating material, browsed by ‘series’ or by ‘group’. The ‘Main Series’ provides a sample of the content available and is freely searchable to the public. The diverse material spans Church Notes contained in Volume 1, for the period 1634 to 1642, right through to the Biographical Registers of Volume 105, for the period 1214 to 1968, with many other records and documents in between. Two further series, the Kathleen Major Series and the Occasional Series, are available via public subscription to non-members, whilst members subscriptions grant new and existing members unrestricted access by unlocking the entire collection. With Lincoln Record Society it seems there is something for everyone!  

Please join us in congratulating Lincoln Record Society on their move to digital access, and on the creation of their wonderful PastView enabled website and online archive. This will revolutionise how the public and the society’s members engage and interact with this wonderful heritage collection, enabling audiences to truly connect with and gain an appreciation of the Lincoln diocese’s rich legacy. Visit Lincoln Record Society’s online archive for yourself and discover exactly what their multilevel archive has to offer. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of the society and access the sign up form, click here.