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Discover ARC Magazine: ARA’s membership publication, now online and fully searchable!

ARA have just launched their 'ARC Magazine Microsite'! All digital issues are now accessible through the PastView platform. Free and fully searchable...

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HSBC History: The creation and launch of HSBC’s London archive VR tour!

A year on from the launch of the HSBC History Website, you can now tour their London vault from home! See how this was made accessible through PastView...

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3 reasons why discovery & access should be your priority for 2022 and beyond

Access and discovery should be a priority for 2022 and here's 3 very good reasons why it's key to your archive's success.

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Leaving no angle unturned with Object Viewer

Lucy Bonner, Archivist at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, has kindly agreed to talk to us about PastView’s 360 Object Viewer. Learn how IMechE have opened up accessibility, and engaged users with their virtual archive.

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HSBC History: Sharing over 150 years of story, culture and brand heritage

With over 150 years of unique heritage, HSBC's new History website will act as a single point of reference for employees and customers, facilitating access, research, exploration and discovery for the story of HSBC’s incredible journey.

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The Sandhurst Collection: A Military Approach to Managing and Organising Data 

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst - creating a research website of national and international importance with a bespoke PastView system.

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Publishing the Burma Star Memorial Fund: Remembering ‘The Forgotten Army’

Read the full Burma Star case study here to discover the digital journey from highly detailed design brief to published and beautifully polished website.

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National Jazz Archive - Working for the past, present and future of jazz

Learn how we solved the National Jazz Archives publishing problems with PastView.

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