Leaving no angle unturned with Object Viewer (Preview)


We are always looking at ways to make PastView even better, to provide the solutions the industry is looking for. We do this through continued analysis, feedback, developments and feature releases. These feature releases fall into three distinct areas: the management of your digital collections, the publishing of items for increased access and discoverability, and the revenue generation that can be achieved from your most valued material, to help financially support the upkeep of your organisation’s archive. 

It is feedback that drives a great proportion of this process, offering us the insight necessary to determine success and guide our creative vision. Therefore, it is greatly appreciated when someone within an organisation, being the  first to incorporate one of these new features, is happy to share their experience by way of review. 

Lucy Bonner, Archivist at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, is one of these people, and she has kindly agreed to talk to us about PastView’s Object Viewer. You will find a really great overview as Lucy takes us through how this publishing feature applies to IMechE’s material, how it has opened up accessibility, and how it engages users visiting the IMechE Virtual Archive.

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