TWA Digitisation Grant 2022: Opening Soon!


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As you are no doubt aware, the TWA Digitisation Grant will be opening for its fifth year on 20th June 2022

Over the years the TWA grant has supported more than 80 projects through a series of main grants and match funding opportunities. It has been an absolute privilege to see these collections safeguarded against damage and loss, watching them go from strength to strength, achieving in digital form what would have been impossible in their physical form. 

In 2021 we took some time out to consider what the industry needed most, post COVID-19, and the adaptations necessary to help meet those needs. Our review has led to a few key changes.

Here's what you can expect if you are applying this year:

  • FOUR grants available of £3,000 each 
  • Match Funding - full details to be revealed soon!

For 2022 the number of awards available has increased to allow for an additional organisation to benefit from the financial support on offer. There has also been an exciting overhaul of the existing Match Funding provision, details of which will be released on the opening day!

Things to do!

Watch this space!

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