The story of the TWA Digitisation Grant told through the ARA’s ARC Magazine Microsite (Preview)



New ARC Magazine Microsite: Telling the story of the TWA Digitisation Grant

Once upon a time researching back issues of your chosen magazine involved emailing a point of contact and waiting for a response. That was all well and good, it served an important purpose, but what about all that additional rich content that comes with firsthand research? What of those golden strands that tempt us to go further and deeper, those lesser known pathways that lead us in all manner of intriguing directions? The process of research helps to build a clearer picture around our search terms, offering development, depth and, importantly, story.

This level of engagement is lost when an archive’s accessibility is restricted. Visitors want the freedom to conduct searches for themselves. They don't want to explore just one issue of their favourite magazine, they want to explore all of them. And they want to use the same search terms too, reducing the time it takes to uncover the answers they are seeking. Well, all of these wishes have been granted by the Archives and Records Association (ARA) with their brand new ARC Magazine Microsite. In a bold and impressive move, this new online repository has exploded into the public domain, creating huge benefits to both archive and heritage. There has never been a better reason to crack open the bubbly and celebrate!

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