Digitise your Audio Visual material & protect your collections!


Increasingly, organisations are incorporating the digital capture of their audio visual collections into their long-term plans and vision.  

This material is uniquely vulnerable to damage, deterioration, and loss because of its delicate nature and the need for specific equipment to access its content; equipment that is fast becoming obsolete. Delicate tape is susceptible to mould, causing it to become sticky and significantly impacting sound quality. At worst, the tape can deteriorate and break down completely. Handling and storage are two of the biggest threats to this particular material, as well as unforeseen circumstances, such as fire, flood, and theft. 

Thankfully, digitisation remedies all of these issues by creating a permanent copy of your audio visual content, so that it can never be entirely lost, safeguarding and protecting these delicate collections for generations to come and opening up all sorts of exciting options for online access




Why choose TWA for the digitisation of your AV collections? 

  • Extensive experience working directly with delicate AV material 

  • A holistic approach to the protection and accessibility of AV archives

  • A suite of services to capture every piece of important content

  • A platform to publish, manage, and make your AV material searchable online


We digitise all manner of audio visual collections, to include the following:

Your collection might consist of one, some, or all of the above, and we have strict workflows and practices in place to help us guarantee fast, efficient, and professional results - every time.

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Digitisation offers a prime opportunity to capture the valuable data contained within your AV collections. Given the diverse nature of data, and how it presents itself, we offer a wide range of data capture services. Your AV collection is most likely to benefit from the following:


Audio Transcription

Our audio transcription service uses specialist software to pick out every spoken word within your audio content, which it then accurately transcribes into any text format. The result is a readable record that makes a note of who is speaking, as well as what they say. In addition, the audio content is time-stamped so that names, words, and phrases can be made completely searchable.av-publishing-service-banner

Our mission is to help transform the landscape for AV collections, creating opportunities for freedom, choice, and flexibility. Digitisation and data capture unlock your items from their restricted physical format, and PastView offers the perfect platform from which to manage and showcase them. 

Partnering digitisation and data capture with publishing creates an online experience that excites, engages, and keeps your visitors returning, time and again.

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Should you have any questions about your audio visual collections, or any of the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist.



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